You spend so much time dealing with just what not to ever does earlier marriagea€”and very very little time talking over the fun, approval, and methods of good intercourse after nuptials!

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You spend so much time dealing with just what not to ever does earlier marriagea€”and very very little time talking over the fun, approval, and methods of good intercourse after nuptials!

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All of us spend a lot of time preaching about what never to manage before marriagea€”and thus short amount of time preaching about the fun, approval, and methods of good intercourse after relationships!

But that is a look into to convert!

The Married sexual intercourse Conference comes more than 25 video clip classes about sex from me plus a few of the greatest Christian frontrunners like for example Levi and Jennie Lusko, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, Drs. Certaines & Leslie Parrott, Dave and Ashley Willis, Dave and Anne Wilson, Gary Thomas a€” and SO MANY MORE!

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“Shauntia€™s unique content, which she’s got provided throughout the globe with regarding audience, was lives shifting the other all women will need to discover. Whenever I have given individuals this book, I have seen life and relationships replaced!”

a€”Lysa TerKeurst, ny era best-selling author and chairman of Proverbs 31 Ministries


Shauntia€™s cutting edge, research-based effort is eye-opening and life-changing. She identifies tiny modifications which will make a huge difference for anyone. (for males and women, for business professionals and values forerunners, for teens and moms and dads alike.) This lady e-books, reports, discussion and information will lead you to thrive in life, operate, and relations.


Shaunti Feldhahna€™s parties create those that have instant following that instructions and a cure for change. Posts and samples everyone is able to relate to put a lot of jokes. Engaging research-based information produce a chain of a€?aha moments.a€? Above all, individuals understand the basic realities that will make a positive change inside their associations.


Shauntia€™s goal would be to help you out as a head allow your own customers. Nuptials counselors, people, pastors, and forerunners throughout the world utilize Shauntia€™s work with their particular. Visit the reports, records, learning, talking parties, images, and many some other methods. Tell us things you need; we wish to mate along with you.

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Your very own publishing ended up being like an integral that pennyless the code of the relationship.

After 2 decades, there was smack the structure. We usually prayed in regards to our relationships but I found myself reconciled to the fact that i’d reside in disorder throughout living. The thing I havena€™t determine am that Jenni am considering exiting myself. After talking with my own pastor, I made the decision which our spiritual trip demanded a restart. During this period, we known upon the main focus from the children radio receiver system. We defined principles in many ways that Ia€™d never read before.

Your publishing ended up being like an important that bust the signal of our own union. One good thing caused another. We had been learning brand-new ways to demonstrate our very own fascination with each other, learning the form other thought a lot enjoyable others requirements inside the romance. I never ever would have felt that our personal 30th season could be greater than all of our fundamental nevertheless it has become.

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