Cavities and Cores for your Mold, Punches and Dies for your Dies

First off, let if be known that are not a mold or die maker. We make high tolerance parts (± 0.001 mm) for your molds and dies. We can make parts to their exact specifications using your drawings or 3d data. We will make any high tolerance machined parts for you.

  • We specialize in high tolerance Mold, Cavities and Cores, Punches and Dies.
  • Order one quality part, or a multitude.
  • Capable of making emergency parts.
  • High precision and high tolerance parts ( ± 0.001 mm).
  • Multiple high tolerance parts without a reduction in quality.
  • Machining of parts using various types of materials.
  • We can work together with your R/D department.
  • Our factory is certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  • Short delivery time.
  • Global delivery.  No place is too far!
  • Delivery including inspection data, completely free of charge.
  • Our customer base currently includes the following industries:

Medical, Computers, Electronics, Automotive, Consumer products, Aerospace, Connector, Semiconductor, and Irrigation.

We would be delighted to work with you on any future projects, to include parts of new molds or dies, replacement components for existing molds or dies, or any high precision machining.

As we are sure you are aware, in the past, manufacturing companies used to make products ‘in house’, from start to finish.  GM used a steel mill plant in their production site to make car bodies. Sony used large injection machines to make TV boxes.  Nowadays, a product is assembled after specialists make all the parts. These products include cars, computers, televisions, telephones, and many other high tech products.

We approached mold and die makers in Japan with our concept 20 years ago. We knew that our job to convince them to see eye to eye with our vision would not be a simple task.  It is human nature to resist change, especially when something has been done relatively effectively for a number of years.  As with any venture, it took us some time before we began receiving orders from mold and die makers.

However, just as microwaves, remote controls, and sushi have become welcome additions to their various industries through a desire for technological progress, our client base grew.  Now, a number of mold and die makers whose products require high tolerances have been enjoying our services.


The benefits to our operation

  • No need to invest in high precision machines on your production floor.
  • No headache caused by having to run a high cost machine 24/7/365 in order to see a return on your ‘investment’.
  • No need to keep highly qualified machine operators, programmers and maintenance men.
  • Less stress by not having to worry about your production schedule for high precision parts.